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Synthesizers, Workshops, Synthesizers, Performances and more Synthesizers!

Friday night is a party!

Hang out with other knobcon attendees, have a drink and catch gear-centric performances.

Gear, Gear, Gear!

Get your hands on amazing vintage pieces and the latest and greatest boxes. Monosynths, polysynths, modular and more will all be there.

Meet The Makers

Many boutique manufacturers will be on hand demonstrating and even selling the gear they produce.   


Part synth meet, part swap meet, part marketplace.
Knobcon is a great opportunity to get your hands on incredible instruments, and in some cases, purchase them on the spot! If you pay the table fee, you're free to sell/trade all the gear you want. Nearly all formats will be represented, from traditional synths and samplers to Circuit Bent, DIY & Homebrew noisemakers. And, of course, modular. Below are some highlights of what you can expect to see at Knobcon on Saturday.

Foxtone Music

Foxtone from Minneapolis will be 'setting up shop' again this year with special event pricing and on-the-spot purchasing of synth modules & cases, the latest keyboards and more!

GetLoFi kits, Quad Oscillator Device, Atari Punk Console Device.

Grove Audio

I am bringing my personal MU systems and a small Box 11 system. I will also have a small Eurorack system with a new Eurorack product which has not been shown or announced.

The Harvestman


6U euro rig with some new prototype(s) depending how much I get done, as well as t-shirts for sale.

Make Noise

Make Noise Sytem


Steve will have a Monorocket M9104 loaded with Livewire modules.

Nerd Audio

Korg MS-20 Mini, Moog Sub Phatty, Moog Voyager Select Series, Moogerfooger Rack, Moog Etherwave Theremin Plus, Waldorf Rocket, Waldorf Blofeld, Korg VOLCA Series, Akai MAX49 Controller

Old Crow's Synth Shop

Modules: MOTM-480 Mark II prototype, CSVCO oscillator driver, VCO153 (CS VCO), GX1 bandpass filter. Panel mount synthesizers: crOwBX rev1 single voice, crOwBX rev2 four voice. By arrangement with my friend Moshang Zhao in Taiwan, I will be demoing his Groovesizer multifunction controller/synthesizer/sequencer. For more information visit and


Mike Cameron will have the RB1robotto, RC1radiostar, LS1lightstrip as well as a LP1lightplane prototype in his system.

Steady State Fate

SSF Quantum Rainbow, Positronic Transient Gate, GND CTRL, Propagate, MIXMODE and MIXMODE Expander, Differential Manifold and more! ProModular CLOQ, CEX and MIIIIX. And lots of great modules from our friends!

STG Soundlabs

Suit & Tie Guy will have his Moog Format Modular on display and will be bringing a small amount of Eurorack and Moog Format inventory to sell. If there is something specific you'd like to pick up at the show, get in touch with him.


Unatronics has been working on a sequencer-synthesizer called Capsule and our crowdfunding campaign will be in full swing during Knobcon. We'll have some demo units and an assortment of other synths to connect it to.


WMD will have the entire line of eurorack modules, including the Synchrodyne + Expand, the PDOMKII with expansions and the new ProOutput. We will also be showing off new prototypes of yet unannounced designs. And talking concepts for the future of WMD.



Is your company listed?
Don't miss this great opportunity to get your wares in front of one of the largest gatherings of synthesizer enthusiasts. How? When registering for Knobcon, check the box "Include my company in the list of marketplace vendors" and pay the table fee. That's all there is to it! You can let us know what you're bringing and what you'll have for sale in the "Gear I am bringing" box.


Feedback from previous Knobcons

As expected, a spectacular event

Learned a lot, laughed a ton, listened to good music, met great people and bought too much new gear. I have no complaints at all!


The whole thing was extremely enjoyable

I made more friends last weekend than I have in years that are in to the same stuff as me. Cheers to everyone involved in planning it!


Had a great time!

Even though I did not know anyone there, I was made to feel welcome and part of the gang.


Thanks for the awesome time everyone!

I saw tons of amazing things for the first time and met tons of cool people, not a bad one in the bunch!


Had a great time!

Learned a lot about modular synths and other gear. Enjoyed the "low-key" relaxed environment and the Knobcon staffers were helpful and very professional. Hope to make it back next year.


Knobcon was amazing!

Loved getting to try out the new and old gear. Everyone there was super cool, and I will definitely be back next year.

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