Build an Attenumixer Module!

Hosted by Żłob Modular
Saturday, Sept 10 @ 11am
Difficulty: Beginner/Easy

MiniAtt Module Build

The Attenumixer is a 4hp 3 channel Passive Attenuator and Mixer for eurorack format modular synthesizers.

Each channel is normalled to the sum(VI) so it can be used as a 2 channel mixer and 1 channel attenuator, or a 3 channel mixer, or as 3 separate attenuators. Normalization to the sum is broken by inserting a jack into the outs of channels I-III. The Attenumixer works well with both cv and audio, although the potentiometers have a linear response. Since the module is passive there will be signal loss at the sum out.

The module comes with a double sided panel one side is classic with the traditional graphics and the reverse side is soulless with no graphics, only text(not pictured).

Learn to solder! Żłob Modular will teach you basic soldering techniques and lead you through building the Attenumixer module.

You will need to purchase the $35 Attenumixer kit from Żłob Modular HERE. Please select the "Attenumix Knobcon DIY Workshop" option and the "DIY Workshop Pickup" option during checkout to avoid paying shipping.

Some kits may be available for purchase on-site, however, you can secure your place in the workshop by pre-ordering your kit.

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