Build a Business Card Oscillator!

Hosted by Division 6
Sunday, Sept 9 at 11am
Difficulty: Medium

The Business Card Oscillator is an oscillator that’s the size of a business card.  It’s the perfect companion to the Business Card Sequencer, or you can hook it to any of your other synth gear.  It’s got plenty of controls and features, so you can even plug in some headphones and play it by itself.


  • Tune it up with Coarse Tune, Fine Tune, and Scale controls
  • Multiple wave shapes
  • Glide
  • 2 LFOs that can be routed to pitch or amplitude
  • Sample and Hold
  • AD Envelope Generator
  • Filter
  • Volume Control


  • Power (3.5mm, center-positive, 7-15VDC)
  • CV
  • Gate


  • Audio (will drive headphones or other synthesizers)


Scott from Division 6 will walk you through building and testing the oscillator kit.  All parts and tools will be provided.

The kit isn’t a very complicated build.  It’s a little small/packed, but if you’ve ever soldered anything before you shouldn’t have too much problem.  Even if you have never soldered before, there will be some stunt boards available to practice on first.

This build is for both adults and kids who can safely wield a soldering iron.

You will need to purchase the $35.00 kit from Division 6 HERE.

Some kits may be available for purchase on-site, however, you can secure your place in the workshop by pre-ordering your kit.



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