Build a EasyEi8ht Step Sequencer!

Hosted by Modular for the Masses
Saturday, Sept 11 @ 11am
Difficulty: Intermediate

Easy Ei8ht Sequencer Module Build

The EasyEi8ht is a Eurorack performance trigger sequencer designed to be quick to use in performance or improvisational settings. It features eight channels, ludicrously long pattern lengths, nine Cherry MX style keyswitches, can be self-clocked or accept an external clock, can do downbeat-agnostic swing even while being clocked externally. Above all, the EasyEi8ht is easy to play, and importantly, difficult to mess up.

This kit includes a PCB/Panel Set with all the board components presoldered, only the mechanical parts needs to be assembled.

You will need to purchase the EasyEi8ht Kit from Modular for the Masses by sending $90 via paypal by clicking THIS LINK and put Knobcon Workshop in the description.

Some kits may be available for purchase on-site, however, you can secure your place in the workshop by pre-ordering your kit.

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