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The Basics of Synthesis   10:30am (Copper/Maize/Sage)

Marc Doty, the undisputed king of YouTube synthesizer videos provides as comprehensive a primer about synthesis which could be reasonably expected to fit in ninety minutes.


Exploring Circuit Rhythm’s Live Sampling and Re-Sampling Capabilities   12:30pm (Copper/Maize/Sage)

Novation Technology Evangelist, Enrique Martinez, will demonstrate all the creative and expressive sampling features of the newest member of Novation’s groovebox family; Circuit Rhythm. By sampling vinyl records and real sounds, live and on the fly, he will show you how Circuit Rhythm can be the centerpiece of any creative session, live or in the studio, and a sampling powerhouse that can transform sounds into magic.


Studio Organization  2:00pm (Copper/Maize/Sage)

How to get the most out of your gear and space; Jon Sonnenberg presents ideas and tips on everything related to your workspace: from wiring and cabling to stands and ergonomics. If you want to better utilize your equipment, make room for gear that you have in storage, or simply have more time for music and experimentation and less setup time, then this presentation is one that you won’t want to miss!


Dr. Manny's Phase Time Playhouse  4:00pm (Copper/Maize/Sage)

You love it ! You hate it !! It has ‘that sound’. It’s a pain to program and you can’t figure out what’s going on. Well, maybe what you think you know about FM is wrong or wildly outdated? In this presentation, long time Yamaha FM programmer Manny Fernandez will show that once you disregard the stereotypes you’ll see FM synthesis is a near ideal blend of efficiency, versatility, complexity & control with a massive timbral palette. Manny will review the FM basics and share these advanced techniques with you to open up the sonic possibilities when rolling your own FM patches.



The Sound of Total Nuclear Annihilation (A Pinball Game) 10:30am (Copper/Maize/Sage)

Scott Danesi tells the adventure of building a production pinball machine which became a medium for sharing his love of electronic music with the ever-growing pinball community.


Chasing a Ghost: The Synth Secrets of The Ondes Martenot 12:30pm (Copper/Maize/Sage)

From 1928 until his death in 1980, Maurice Martenot designed and continually refined one of the most expressive electronic musical instruments. To this day, inner workings of the instrument remain shrouded in secrecy and lore. Mike Beauchamp from Therevox, will explore the history of this rare instrument, the DNA it reluctantly shares with contemporary synthesizers and what we can still learn from Martenot’s unique vision.


Drew Schlesinger: Ask Me Anything 2:00pm (Copper/Maize/Sage)

From designing presets for hundreds of synthesizers and effects processors back to David Torn’s first recorded collaborator, Knobcon guest of honor Drew Schlesinger answers your questions. Moderated by Suit & Tie Guy.


The History of Polyphony  3:30pm (Copper/Maize/Sage)

The history of synthesizers has been a wild blur of technological development, visionary composition, and manic entrepreneurial spirit and as a result, synthesizer terminology can be very confusing. Presented by Marc Doty.



BUILD WORKSHOPS - Saturday and Sunday

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Build a Żłob Attenumix!

1-2 Hours (beginner)

Keven Kalay from Żłob Modular will host the building of his flexible utility module. This build is for both adults and kids who can safely wield a soldering iron.


Build a Distortion Module!

1-2 Hours (beginner)

Modular for the Masses will guide you through the process of building a Hungry Rat distortion module.


Build a Kick Drum Module!

1-2 Hours (beginner)

Modular for the Masses will guide you through the process of building a Double Pluss Bass drum module.


Build an Analog Filter Module!

1-2 Hours (beginner)

Modular for the Masses will guide you through the process of building a MantisLadder filter module.




Saturday Only

Andrew Zeuske (ZpaceTree) has curated a roster of talented visual artists to present a full day of educational content for budding VJ artists as well as professionals. Learn about a variety of software used for live visuals and content creation as well as the hardware and technology used in live shows.

This day of programming culminates in a visual extravaganza at The Big Room - a live electronic music event on Saturday beginning at 8pm.

Click here to download the flyer.


10am - 11am Andrew Zeuske - Birdsigh

Resolume Arena: Advanced output mapping, Spout, NDI - Intro to LED programming with Nova LCT


11am - 12pm Patrick Connely - Neocord

Using the free vj software Smode Studio to quickly visualize animated ideas


12pm - 2pm Jorge Hurtado - Uhnamoly

3D animation and rendering with Cinema4d and Octane


2pm - 4pm Breck Wood - Truffula

Generative art: Building real-time networks using audio-reactive and manual inputs in Touch Designer


4pm - 5pm Jonna Petrou - Jonnap Arts

Through the motions: Building a vj pack in Adobe After Effects 


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