Build a Mini Attenuator Module!

Hosted by Żłob Modular
Sunday, Sept 12 @ 11am
Difficulty: Beginner/Easy

MiniAtt Module Build

The Żłob Modular MiniAtt is a 2hp dual passive attenuator, offset generator, level shifter, mixer, and mute module for the eurorack synthesizer. This new version of the module features a reversible panel with traditional or simplified (soulless) graphics.

MiniAtt can be powered and will provide voltage offset of 0-5V with nothing plugged into the “IN” for each channel controlled by each respective potentiometer. The “Sum Out” will also be able to send out 0-10v~ volts depending on the setting of each potentiometer. Both channels are normalled to the sum, so inserting a signal into an “OUT” will remove it from the “Sum Out.” Likewise, when inserting a cable into the IN it will remove the voltage normalization and act as a passive attenuator. In active mode the module can also be used to offset and level shift +5v to -5v signals to 0v to 5v(and other ranges in between) at the “Sum Out” with a waveform input on one channel and by using the normalled voltage offset from the other channel.

Learn to solder! Keven Kalay from Żłob Modular will teach you basic soldering techniques and lead you through building the MiniAtt module.

You will need to purchase the $35 MiniAtt kit from Żłob Modular HERE. Please select the "MiniAtt Knobcon DIY Workshop" option and the "DIY Workshop Pickup" option during checkout to avoid paying shipping.

Some kits may be available for purchase on-site, however, you can secure your place in the workshop by pre-ordering your kit.

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