Knobcon Big Room Dance Party

Join us in the Knobcon Big Room on Saturday, Sep. 7 for live music and video performances. This event is included in your Knobcon admission.

Start time is around 9:00PM and we'll stop when we feel like it.


Schedule TBA

Too Mere

Chicago, IL


Juanito Moore

Grand Rapids, MI Creator of one of the most interesting DIY synthesizer systems out there, Juanito shows how functional his art truly is. A big hit with his impromptu warm-up performance last year, we just had to have him back again.


Love Cosmic Love

Denver, CO

Matt Tanner is a drummer and keyboardist who fell in love with modular synths while operating the SMT line at WMD. Heavily influenced by afro-cuban rhythms and clave, it’s his job to pick and place thumping 909 kicks and raging bass lines in the style of techno and house on the dance floor.

Dan Kushner

Chicago, IL Host of the weekly podcast Gear-Splaining, live performance streaming as part of the Golden Shrimp Twitch community and member of the band Plumbus, Dan is a busy guy.



Vino Malo

Denver, CO

When Mason Malvini's not working on developing the next big thing for WMD, he's out punishing sound systems under the moniker Vino Malo. Vino Malo's sound is characterized by heavy bass and drum patterns designed to move your hips. Enjoy bouncy smooth grooves guaranteed to make you dance while over the top sound design wakes your brain from the matrix.


Glacial 23

Cleveland, OH

LED Wall with Visual Performances

Evan Henry

What began as a love of photography, cinema and found footage grew into something much greater. Using video circuit-bending and older obsolete video electronics, a standalone video synth and the LZX cadet and castle line of DIY eurorack video modules, Evan regularly gigs and tours under the name CINEMA.AV (@cinema.av)

Erogenous Tones

Rick Burnett (vj xe) and James Clark (vj //c) of Erogenous Tones have been friends and creative collaborators for over 15 years exploring practical and performance based audio and visual interactions. Based in Raleigh, NC, the duo constantly experiments and evolves their techniques and tools to present a unique and memorable visual experience. Their current focus is exploring generative analog and digital video possibilities in the Eurorack format. They will be showcasing their first Digital Video Synthesizer named ‘STRUCTURE’ at this year's KnobCon.


Pittsburgh's 8cylinder has been making electronic music since the late 90's/early 2000's. He runs the labels Thac0 Records and Unmapped North and is a co-host of the synthesizer podcast SysEx Dumpster. He recently starting creating analog video art and has provided visuals for local shows including the Adult. and Void Visions shows this past spring.




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