Build a Matrix Mixer!

Hosted by synthCube and Low-Gain Electronics
Satyrday, Sept 9 @ 2pm
Difficulty: Easy

Matrix Mixer Build

Build your own matrix mixer with guidance from the folks at Low-Gain Electronics and synthCube!

A matrix mixer is a great tool for effect routing, creating complex modulations and perfect for feed-back patching. The unit requires no power, and is held in its own enclosure, making it great for modular or table-top setups.

Your choice of banana jacks (grey inputs blue outputs) or 1/8"/3.5mm jacks!

You will need to purchase the Matrix Mixer Kit - Knobcon Edition from synthCube at THIS LINK.

Some kits may be available for purchase on-site, however, you can secure your place in the workshop by pre-ordering your kit.

Choose your format: banana or mini jacks

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